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Now that Awakening has been out for like two days, I was wondering what everyone's initial thoughts were (or thoughts about the demo). I'm playing a female MU and am currently married to Chrom and on Chapter 14.

I am loving the ever living daylights out of this game. I love the character art, the tiny feet, the battles, and the romance/bff supports are make me laugh out loud. I am so pleased with this game.

Even though I am not done the main plot line, I want to make a male MU, just so I can see how the supports differ. And I can't wait to pair off different couples, just to see all the kiddies they create. This game and all its content is just awesome :D

So people's thoughts? What do you fine FE lovers like or dislike about Awakening so far?
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With Awakening coming out so soon, I was just wondering what every one's favourite class is. I am having a hard time on deciding on what class to make my unit (or if I should keep her as a strategist), and what to make her best and worse stat.

From playing Sacred Stones, I like the paladin class. I like that you can wield a sword and  lance, and have high HP/defense. To me, Seth is a well rounded unit and he's always one of the last standing. But I know there are tons of other classes that I have to yet explore (and that I know nothing about).

So FE lovers, what is your favourite class and why?

(I'm also I am up for discussions about the demo that just came out for Awakening :D It was so much fun. I'm really digging the graphics and like the English voice actor work as well. Or maybe I -- or someone else -- should make another post so we can all discuss the demo?)
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So are you guys for or against the inclusion of turning off permanent death in the newest Fire Emblem games?

To me, I'm for it for people who want to just zoom through the game, or people new to the genre. I mean, I think the fun yet frustrating part of Fire Emblem is having one of your troops die in combat, thereby forcing you to restart the chapter. So although a part of me would like to play Awakening on Casual Mode (because I can be lazy), I think I'll be sticking to Classic Mode.

Does anyone let their characters permanently die if they fall in battle and not restart the chapter?
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Since everyone was so nice and helpful yesterday, I was just wondering what Fire Emblem game is everyone's favourite to play and why.

Mine is FE8 for obvious reasons >:)
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Mmm, this community seems dead, but I'll post this just to see if anyone is still kicking around :)

I just started playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (my first FE game) and boy and I getting my arse served to me.

Spoilers for Chapters 1-4 )

Side note: Anyone looking forward to playing FE: Awakening?
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Just a little something, since this community's just getting on its feet.

I've been trying to very slowly and carefully move away from a solidly anime-esque style, which has been my standby for years. I'm still focusing on a "cartoony" style, but but just something different - a little less on the big eyes and pointy noses. So yeah, I went and doodled my favorite swordsman for a bit of practice.

cut for image, worksafe - 400x400 px - FE7, Karel )
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As this community has just opened, I feel like we need to have some sort of little event to get us going! First of all, please do tell your friends and whatnot so that we can make this a big, happy place full of many posts, but to start us off, let's have some fiction recs!

Comment here with one (or more!) of your favorite fics that you've come across in the fandom. It need not be complete (though I would discourage abandoned fics!), and it can be a crossover and for any game. Just show us what you like, community!

Please give us at least the following:

Title - with a link embedded or off to the side! have to be able to find it! o/
Author - LJ/DW/FF.N username/etc.
Game - which one? if it spans multiples, for example, 6 and 7, please note that!
Length - oneshot? multichapter? epic of War and Peace proportions?
Rating - using whichever scale you feel most comfortable with, as well as perhaps a small explanation
Summary - either taken from the fic itself or else just your evaluation of what it's about
Notes - anything you would like anyone to know about it? "have a box of tissues ready"?


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