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♥ 90 icons

90 icons (all fire emblem: fates)

here @emigrate
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227 icons, 5 plurk icons.

Fire Emblem Fates
1 each of Izana, Kaze, M!Kana, Nina, Oboro, Percy, Selkie, Shigure, Soleil
2 Velouria, Hinoka
3 each of Effie, Hinata, Kaden, Niles, Odin, Ryomoa, Setsuna, Subaki
4 Peri
5 each of Azura, M!Corrin
6 each of Dwyer, Forrest, Xander
7 Jakob
9 each of Felicia, Sakura
10 Camilla
12 F!Corrin
25 Leo
28 Takumi
31 Elise
25 Group (Elise, Xander, F!Corrin, Camilla, Leo, Percy, Arthur, Sakura, Azura, Hinoka, Keaton, Kaden, Dwyer, Caeldori, Jakob, Takumi, Effie, Niles, M!Corrin)
5 Plurk (Azura, Camilla, Elise, Xander, F!Corrin, Camilla, Leo, M!Corrin)

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215 icons, 3 plurk icons.

Fire Emblem Fates
1 each of Arthur, Charlotte, Dwyer, Hinata, Kaze, Luna, M!Kana, Nina, Odin, Saizo, Setsuna, Silas, Soleil
2 each of Effie, Forrest, Hana, Kaden, Laslow, Peri, Ryoma, Subaki
3 Azura
4 each of Hinoka, Jakob, M!Corrin
5 Felicia
8 Xander
9 Niles
10 Camilla
13 Sakura
15 F!Corrin
18 Elise
27 Leo
47 Takumi
19 Group (Sakura, Elise, M!Corrin, Niles, Felicia, Flora, F!Corrin, Xander, Dwyer, Jacob, Takumi, Leo, Kaze, Midori, Camilla, Kaden, Keaton, Odin, Luna, Laslow, Hinoka)
3 Plurk (Azura, Elise, Takumi)

SOME SPOILERS IN ICONS FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites
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224 icons, 7 plurk icons.

Fire Emblem Fates
1 each of Caeldori, Ignatius, Kagero, Kiragi, Niles, Nyx, Orochi, Peri, Ryoma, Saizo. Subaki, Velouria
2 each of Charlotte, Forrest, Hinoka, Kaden, Kaze, Luna, Odin, Percy
3 each of Felicia, Hana, Rinkah, Soleil
4 each of Jakob, M!Corrin
5 each of Nina, Siegbert
6 Azura
9 each of Sakura, Takumi
10 Xander
12 each of Leo, Ophelia
14 F!Corrin
15 Camilla
34 Elise
45 Group (Elise, Leo, Sakura, Odin, Ophelia, Siegbert, Percy, Nina, Soleil, Velouria, Niles, F!Corrin, Xander, Camilla, Takumi, M!Corrin, Kaze, Asugi, Yukimura, Kagero, Saizo, Azama, Setsuna, Hinata, Oboro, Subaki, Hana, Laslow, Peri, Luna, Beruka, Felicia, Jakob, Azura, Flora)
7 Plurk (Azura, Camilla, Elise, Kiragi)

ICONS FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites

(no subject)

 Press Start is an annual multimedia exchange for all video and computer games ranging from visual novels to your big PC and console titles, open to fic, art and vids! All kinds of fanworks are accepted, so long as they relate to a video game in some form.

So far, we have Fire Emblem characters nominated from Sword of Seals, Awakening, Geneology of the Holy War, and the Sacred Stones, and we're still accepting character nominations.  If you're interested, check us out!

Link: DW Community
AO3 community

Nominations: 20 June - 1 July
Tagset Cleanup: 1 July - 3 July
Signups: 4 - 18 July
Assignments go out: About 20 July
No Penalty Default: 1 September
Posting deadline: 11 September
Story reveal: 18 September
Author reveal: 25 September
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Elemental Affinities as Personality Types in Tellius

I thought it would be interesting to look at characters’ affinities and see what it tells us about them and about the writers’ intention about them. While Affinities have a direct effect on gameplay via the support bonus and some of them are probably picked based on game balance (see the amount of Earth Affinity people in the Dawn’s Brigade), nevertheless the concept of Elements conveys a rich imagery which often seems at least partially relevant.

( Fake Cut )
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414 icons, 31 plurk icons.

Post 1
1 each of Anna, Cherche, Kjelle, Maribelle, Sully, Virion
2 each of Aversa, Brady, Cynthia, Donnel, Miriel, Ricken, Severa, Sumia
3 each of Cordelia, Laurent, Noire, Olivia, Stahl, Tiki, Vaike, Yarne
4 each of Gerome, Lissa, Owain, M!Robin
7 Henry
8 each of Inigo, F!Robin
10 each of Chrom, Nah
11 Lucina
15 Lon'qu
19 Gaius
26 Nowi
27 each of F!Morgan, M!Morgan
52 Group (Nowi, F!Robin, Lucina, Inigo, Henry, F!Morgan, Severa, Lon'qu, Cordelia, Tiki, Miriel, Lissa, Stahl, Yarne, Laurent, M!Morgan, Nah, Gerome, M!Robin, Olivia, Gaius, Cherche, Libra, Tharja, Gregor, Vaike)
19 Plurk (Donnel, Group, M!Morgan, F!Morgan, Henry, Lissa, Nowi, Olivia, F!Robin)

FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites

Post 2
125 Noire
4 Group (Noire, M!Morgan, F!Morgan, Libra, Nah, Cynthia)
12 Plurk (Noire, Group)

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307 icons, 14 plurk icons.

Fire Emblem: Awakening
1 each of Anna, M!Morgan, Noire, Say'ri, Severa, Sully, Vaike, Virion, Yarne
2 each of Frederick, Gerome, Miriel, M!Robin
3 each of Cynthia, Laurent, Libra
4 each of Brady, Emmeryn, Tiki
5 each of Cordelia, Lon'qu, F!Morgan, Nah, Olivia, Owain, Stahl
6 each of Donnel, Sumia
7 each of Maribelle, Ricken
10 each of Inigo, Tharja
11 each of Henry, Lucina
16 F!Robin
20 Gaius
23 Chrom
25 Nowi
32 Lissa
50 Group (Lissa, Chrom, Robin, Gaius, Nowi. Lon'qu, Maribelle, Cordelia, Emmeryn, Lucina, Cynitha, Stahl, Cherche, Henry, Olivia, Libra, Sumia, Ricken, Severa, Inigo, Owain, Brady, Gerome, Miriel, Vaike, Morgan, Nah)
14 Plurk (Gaius, Lissa, Lucina, Maribelle, F!Morgan, Nowi, Olivia, Tharja)

FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites
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213 icons, 22 plurk icons.

Fire Emblem (Awakening, Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Path of Radience, Binding Blade

1 each of Colm, Cormac, Jaffar, Kent, Lethe, Louise, Lowen, Lute, M!Morgan, Nils
2 each of Fiora, Rath, Saleh, Sanaki, Sue, Tana
3 each of Ephraim, Hector, Lucius, Matthew, Mia
6 each of Clarine, Ilyana, L'Arachael, Lilina
4 Rebecca
8 Eirika
9 each of Erk, Ninian
11 Maribelle
13 Nino
16 each of Lyndis, Neimi
35 Serra
30 Group
22 Plurk (Erk, Florina, Hector, Lyndis, Maribelle, Matthew, Nino, Saleh, Serra, Group)

DANGAN RONPA SPOILERS IN ICONS FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites
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I'm selling items for Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Code Geass, CLAMP, DRAMAtical Murder, Xenosaga, and miscellaneous fandoms. Selection includes games, doujinshi, keychains, strategy guides, manga, a console, and more. Some items are out of print or difficult to find, so please have a look around! My shop is here

If you don't have a LiveJournal, please feel free to send me a PM on this site.
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Selling Fire Emblem, Code Geass, DRAMAtical Murder, Final Fantasy, Black Butler, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Xillia, and Kingdom Hearts doujinshi, games, artbooks, plush, and other collectibles here! Listings have just been updated including new items and buying options, so have a look around.
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Selling Code Geass, Kingdom Hearts, DRAMAtical Murder, Final Fantasy, Black Butler, Tales of Vesperia, and Fire Emblem doujinshi, games, artbooks, plush, and other collectibles here! Listings have just been updated, so have a look around. As a note, I do consider reasonable offers ♥
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Selling Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts (including some RaS titles), Code Geass (including some Rock'n'Dolless titles), and Black Butler doujinshi, games, and collectibles here! Listings have just been updated, so please have a look around ♥
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Selling Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Code Geass, Kingdom Hearts, and Black Butler doujinshi, games, and accessories here. Listings have just been updated, including a few rare/collector items ♥
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Awakening Resources

Hey guys, I've got a question.

Does anyone know where I can find resources for making icons for Fire Emblem: Awakening? I'm interested particularly in the Support conversation expressions, I think they'd work great. There are characters in particular I'd shoot for, but I'd be happy to take requests if rips of these Support expressions exist anyplace.

If not, are there places anyone knows of where I could inquire or look? Google wasn't really helpful. I'd also be interested in knowing how people rip these things in the first place. If it doesn't harm my game or 3DS, I wouldn't mind doing it myself, if I can follow the process.