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Name:Fire Emblem fan community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:celebrating the strategy games with the blue-haired lords
So on LJ, there are LOADS of FE comms, but seemingly over here, THAT IS NOT THE CASE. In fact, an interest search revealed NOT A SINGLE ONE. I mean what even. What is that. What is this I don't even-!

So here we have a community for fans of Fire Emblem - all games, remakes, side novels, and also Tear-Ring Saga are welcome here.

What is allowed?
► Fanfiction
► Fanart
► Icons
► News
► Squee
► Meta
► Manifestos
► FE-related questions (how do I...?, What chapter does...?, Where can I find some [character] art?, etc.)
► RP ads (with mod approval, please!)
► Other FE community ads (Pairing-specific? Game-specific? Go for it)
► ETC???
If it's related to Fire Emblem, it's probably a good idea.

What is not allowed?
► Flaming
If you feel you are being flamed, contact the mod! Don't try to fight it out! Bans and temp-bans will be handed out to those causing trouble.
► Off-topic posts (but comments can obviously be off-topic)
► Spamming
• with posts that do not contribute to the community
Example being posting entries that say nothing more than "Marth is hot!" - this is something that really could be moved to AIM or something.
• with an excess of separate posts for fanworks
What does this mean? It means that you should not post all sixteen parts of your multi-chapter 'fic in separate posts all in the same day. You should post all sixteen parts either together, clumped, or else spread them out a bit. This is just a housekeeping thing.

Your mod (may be ammended to mods as the community grows!) is [personal profile] karel and will be happy to assist you with anything you need.
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